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Monday, May 29, 2006

Skater Dudes DIY Project

Materials needed:
1 small skate board,
1 larger skate board,
4 L-brackets, wall screws & matching bolts.

Tools needed:
Power drill with drill bit & screw bit,
A marker pen to mark where to drill holes,

Do it yourself Skate Board Shelves
Are those real skate boards on the wall? Yes they are, and you too can make these shelves with the help of your older boys. What is cooler than a Mom that knows how to use power tools? Well, even if it does not exalt you to Coolest Mom Ever status, these shelves are sure to get raves from their skater buddies.

Place the skate board deck side down, place the L-brackets on the inside of the wheels and mark with a pen where the holes will go. Remove the brackets and drill the holes. Thread the bolt and screw through the hole and bolt the bracket to the underside of the skate board. Screw the L-bracket into the wall using the wall screws.

Now adorn with your favorite Guy stuff like Collector Sport memorabilia and ball caps.
Questions email me at rachelpheffer@urbantique.com

Monday, May 15, 2006

Boy-style Rooms

When a woman finds out that she is having a girl she sets out to decorate it with all of the pink and frills she would want in her dream feminine room. When the sonogram shows a boy is on the way, mommy suddenly feels her baby room décor options get slimmer.

I once joked that we could just fill the room with dirt and the boys would be right at home. But boy room décor does not need to be plain and unimaginative. We can dig into our inner boy-child and see what would fascinate our rough and tumble side. Sport’s themes are always an easy option, but we can really go out on a limb and get creative with colors and more adventurous themes to bring boy décor to life.

For a room that can grow with your little guy, the Western theme is sure to bring alive your creativity. Think barbed wire and boots, for heading out West. The different shades of denim make fun fabric options that can be used as accents on bedding and window treatments. If you are not up to creating your own, cowboy-inspired crib sets come in all price ranges. To search online check out the following set at Target.

Another great option can be found at PoshTots.com. When it comes to boy décor think of an adventure in the great outdoors. There you will find your inspiration.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006


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